Insulation material choice

Insulation material choice

Why do you lose heat from your house?
The main reasons of heat loss in private homes are:

  1. Flows of cold air
  2. Heat exchange processes between a house and the external environment.

In the first case, the heat is lost through the leaks in joining of floors, windows, doors and the supporting elements of the building. In the second case, the heat is lost because of the high thermal conductivity of walls, insufficient insulation of the attic, basement and other building structures.
External thermal insulation increases the accumulation of heat in the massive part of the wall. Insulated from the outside wall gets cold 6 times slower in case of heating system turn off than internally insulated wall with the same insulation layer. The installation of lightweight frame structures with properly executed insulation can reduce the cost of walls construction and foundation laying.
The choice of insulation method and material depends on the peculiar characteristics of the walls, and the main criterion is a set of technical features of the structure and ambient conditions.

Facade insulation

Insulation material should possess the following main characteristics:

  • Compressive and shear strength;
  • Vapor permeability;
  • Minimal water absorption;
  • Fire resistance and environmental safety;
  • Chemical neutrality to fasteners.

The material should have sufficient level of vapor permeability, but at the same time not to detain moisture in its structure.
Mineral (basalt) wool possesses all those characteristics and is the best choice for facade insulation of a building.

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