Basalt Technology

is a Ukrainian manufacturer that specializes in basalt wool production.

Basalt Technology produces high quality insulation materials under the brand «Izolux Premium”, which have already proved themselves in the Ukrainian market. Only high-tech Italian equipment is used in the process of product manufacturing. Qualified staff and the latest technology ensure the high quality of insulation material, which completely meets both Ukrainian and European standards.

Customer and their needs fulfillment is the priority for our company.

«Izolux Premium» basalt wool production is a reproduction of the natural process inside an active volcano. Basalt stone is melted at a temperature of about 1500° C. Then lava-like substances are spun and cooled in a controlled environment. As the conditions of stone melting are similar to the natural ones, the concentration of basalt in «Izolux Premium» mineral wool products is very high.
Basalt Technology mineral wool is ecological, incombustible, durable and high quality construction material which does not lose its shape and qualitative features over time. «Izolux Premium» has excellent soundproof, heat-conductive, water-repellent and temperature indexes.

Why should you choose Basalt Technology heat insulation material?

It is a product of high quality, made from 100% pure basalt stone, which has the highest level of acidity among mineral wool products in Ukraine and Europe.
We offer a wide range of high quality products for your building, give you our expert advice on the use of mineral wool, and help you to find an effective solution for your building or technical insulation.
You can save up to 45% on home heating.
We have modern and high-tech manufacturing facilities.