«Izolux Premium» foil-faced cylinder. Density: 100 kg/m3

«Izolux Premium» foil-faced cylinder. Density: 100 kg/m3


  • LENGTH, mm 1000
  • WIDTH, mm 18 - 272
  • THICKNESS, mm 30 - 90

General information

«Basalt Technology fulfills individual customers’ orders: if there is no mineral wool of required density in the catalogue, you can contact us and we will help you!».

Profile products in the form of cylinder are made of basalt fiber and are resistant to prolonged exposure to high and low temperatures, moisture and oil. The cylinders with the following properties are available: length is 1000 mm, inner diameter ranges between 18 mm and 272 mm, wall thickness ranges between 30 mm and 90 mm, it may be faced with aluminum foil, or without external covering, or in the case that is made of non-corrosive tinplate.

Application guidelines:

Insulation of pipelines

Safety instructions:

  • Protect exposed skin while working with the insulation material indoors, in the room without ventilation. Use disposable personal protective equipment (work in overalls)
  • Use protective glasses while working with the insulation material
  • Work in a ventilated room
  • The remains of material should be disposed according to the existing rules and regulations
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or disposable paper bags for waste during cleaning
  • Wash hands with water after installing the material